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Have you had bariatric surgery and started to gain weight back?


Are you stuck in a plateau?


Have you begun to slip back into old habits?


Has your weight loss stopped or slowed down?


If you answered YES to any of these questions then you need to


Your surgery has not failed you, you just might not be using it to it's fullest potential, that's all. Your tool is there there. 


Over the last year I recorded 2 webinars (over 3.5 hours combined) where I discuss all things getting back on track after WLS.


In Back on Track Part 1, I review 12 Action Steps for getting back on track.


In Back on Track Part 2, I deep dive into 5 essentials for success after WLS.


Both webinars include a sample 7 Day Back on Track Meal Plan. 

back on track-1.png

After check out, be sure to download & save all materials!

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